Pink Alert

This week kicks off my favorite time of year! I love, love, love (I can't say it enough to do it justice) the time of year from this week until January 2. Like, love it, can't get enough of it. And I'm beyond excited for some of the holiday posts we have coming in these next few weeks! 

Anyone have any big plans for the week?! I'm outta here tomorrow afternoon and won't be back until Monday (I still have some posts scheduled though! We aren't going away for the week!). We've got lots and lots of family coming in for the week and my house is the hotel for anyone under the age of 25. I see a lot of air mattresses and video games in my near future...

Since it is a holiday week, I went with a pretty casual, yet still professional and office appropriate outfit for today. 

Limited blazer, Banana Republic silk tank, Loft ankle pants

Steve Madden shoes

Ann Taylor necklace

Hope y'all have a fun, laid-back week! 

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