Big News Y'all. BIG.

Are you on the edge of your seat yet??? Because I'm giddy with excitement over here. I've got BIG news y'all. BIG, EXCITING news. Ready?! 

Here's a lil' teaser for you...

Um, how fun are these pieces??? 

Okay, I won't keep y'all in suspense any longer. Much longer anyways...

Okay, okay, I'm done. Here's the big news...all these gorgeous pieces are from

The Main Street Gallery

Seriously, they have some of the most fun, beautiful pieces that go with just about any look you're trying to achieve. And guess what they're willing to do for us?? ANY follower of The Market Confidential gets 10% off anything you want. Anyone y'all

Here's the scoop:

You need to follow the blog to get the 10%. Or you need to "like" the Facebook page. Personally, I think you should do both:). We just need to prove that you're a follower. 

You know what else you need to do? Head over to The Main Street Gallery's Facebook page. "Like" it, check out the albums, and then message them and fill 'em in on what you want! 

Just for the record, they sell more than just jewelry...they have tons of really cute things!

There you have it. Amazing, huh? Better than Casual Friday?? Yea, I thought so. 

Seriously, get yourself on over there and get yourself some chic baubles. Look for a giveaway from there coming soon! 

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