Holiday Wishlists: Handbags, Part Deux

Merry Christmas Eve!! I sincerely hope you are having a fabulous day with family. I had to get this last post in before Santa actually delivers the presents...maybe he'll get my last minute memo;)

Handbags are my biggest weakness. And shoes, jewelry, + make up. But bags are it for me. The way to my heart. Someone please clue my future hubby in on this tidbit of info...it would bode well for him! Grin. Since I can't get enough of them, I had to do TWO holiday wishlists: handbags posts. As if I could get all my favs into one post. Ha!

While the first handbag wishlist post was geared more towards the professional look, these are more fun. And still not too crazy to take to work with you. My favorite kind. These bags on this post are investment pieces and should last you quite a few years. 

My hands-down favorite bag here?? The All Saints. I talked myself out of it when I saw it in the store in SoHo and have regretted it since. The most useful? The Madewell tote. I actually do have this bag and carry EVERYTHING in it. It's not a bank-breaker and totally worth it, I promise!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Here's to good food, family, love, presents, and the best of all...the birth of Jesus (John 3:16). He's the real reason for the season...and it's certainly been a great season for this girl. Love to you all! 


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