Welcome to The Market Confidential! Let me fill you in on the story behind how this blog came about...

I have been in the financial industry for about 7 years now (an incredibly boring industry by outsiders standards...I beg to differ!) and have been to multiple meetings, conferences, dinners, the list could go on and on. It is astounding to me how the women in this industry-and the corporate world in general-seem to choose from a color palate of about 4 colors. Black, navy, gray, and taupe/brown. Ugh, really people?! You can look fashionable and wear color and still be taken seriously. Sooo, that is how this little blog came about! Like I said on the "About Me" page, I am NO expert, but am hoping to provide some ideas for women to bump it up a little in their professional life. And it provides a creative outlet for me:) See? Two birds + one stone.

A few things you can expect to see on this space are outfit ideas, tips/tricks, etiquette ideas, and we will have some contributors providing their own insight into things! The plan as of now is to officially launch November 12, but check back for more updates!

Thanks so much for visiting! Please, if there is anything you want to hear about/see, please let me know! You can find my contact info under the contact me tab (top right corner).

I can't wait to interact with all of you soon!

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