If only we were back in 2012

I'd still be sleeping in and not having to wash my hair everyday (who does that?!)

I'd only be hearing about the "fiscal cliff" crisis instead of have to answer questions about it and sort through the details of it.

I'd still be in the same yoga pants I wore for 10 days straight (I did wash them once while I was sleeping).

I'd still be getting that extra $200 in my paycheck that "the new tax deal" is currently taking.

I'd be dealing with my nephew sharting all over the place since we were together 24/7 over the holidays. And be turning accent tables into changing tables at Bar Louie with my sister. Yea, that was fun. Too bad I have no pics to show. What can I say? We're innovative people.

Who me?!

I'd be comforting my head-case of a niece who couldn't part with human contact. Do they do psych analysis for pups? Ever since the human tot came about, she's giving off this desperate vibe. If she's not sucking up to you (which in dog language means licking the skin off any body part her tongue may reach), she off pouting in a corner until you go apologize. Harley,  a word to the wise....it's not endearing or attractive. I know some girls like you. It hasn't bode well for them either.

The forlorn look. Little did you know she's on a boat enjoying a beautiful sunny afternoon. And she gets Sweet Frog when she asks. Life's not bad, you four-legged hot dog.

I'd be still eating home-cooked food my mom makes. Or eating out on my dad's dime. Either way, I wasn't responsible for my well-being. Now it's back to whatever nonsense I can scrounge out of the fridge or pantry.

I'd be going to a much less crowded gym. Oh wait...it'll be back to its normal crowd in 30 days. I can suck it up for that long.

I wouldn't be dealing with people of the procrastinating type trying to make last minute withdrawals or contributions to certain investment accounts. People, let's get something straight. I can't stroke you a check out of my personal checkbook and have it count for something with the IRS. There's no such thing as same-day delivery in the investment world. Why? Because it's illegal. Plus, the check would probably bounce. Consider this a warning.

And lastly, I wouldn't still be trying to perfect my goals 3 days into 2013. They should be typed, laminated (on pretty paper, of course), and hanging in my office and bedroom by now. Guess what? They're not. You wanna know why? Because I'm trying to break down the "be more social" goal to make it "attainable". This shouldn't be hard. But it is. I'm a social person; one would think it would be easy. Again...it's not. It's causing me to get the shakes. 

So there. Reasons why 2012, as great and sucky as it was, ended better than 2013 has begun. 


  1. Ahahaha I loved this post :) I am happy that 2012 is over though. There was alot of good... but I feel like 2013 will be even better :) Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you stopped by! 2013 is going to be GOOD YEAR! I can feel it:)

      And I'm SO SORRY it took me a solid week to get back to you! I'm playing catch-up!




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