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My fitness tracking devices (formerly a fitbit-er, now an apple watch-er) have obnoxiously reminded me how lazy I am between the hours of 8 and 5. My watch actually does this annoying alarm/vibration when it recognizes that I’ve been sitting for 59 minutes. I mean, can they be more obvious? These things are like a teenage girl begging for affirmation. (I kid.) I know I’m complaining, but, to be honest, I’m grateful. Not sure about you, but when I sit that long, I get sluggish. And the day seems to drag on longer. SO today we’re bringing you a few exercises that you can do at your desk to make your FitBit/Apple Watch/Garmin/whatever happy, and most importantly, your body and mind happy. And don’t require you to get on your desk like the bold womanista above.

  • This may be the most popular one, but get yourself an exercise ball to sit on while you work. Your core will be strengthening, and quite honestly, you probably won’t even realize it. Some of your office furniture stores actually sell desk chairs now that ARE exercise balls. But they’re actually made to be a chair that IS an exercise ball.
  • Do a wall-sit. This may be kind of tough if your office space is a cube, BUT with a little creativity, I believe you can find an empty wall space. Put on your headset, or put your phone on speaker, and listen to calls while working your butt, legs, and core all at the same time. Watch your phone clock and do a one minute wall-sit, followed by a one minute stand/stretch. For those who are wondering what a wall-sit is, it’s easy. Simply back up against a wall (as if you’re measuring your height when you were a child) and then sit as if you’re sitting in a chair. BUT there’s nothing supporting you but your muscles.
  • Use your desk for incline push-ups. Kick off the heels and place your hands on the edge of your desk. Stretch out as if you’re (kind of) doing an incline plank (you can just stop at the plank too…that also is  great exercise). Then push yourself up and down like you would as if you’re doing a push-up.
  • Pace, pace, pace. And stretch, stretch, stretch. Walk in circles around your office space. Or if you’re lucky enough to have a headset that will allow you, go outside and take some laps around your building while you listen to those calls. I’ll sometimes just walk back and forth behind my desk while I’m on a call. Follow it up by stretching. Reach down and touch your toes then reach all the way up and touch the sky.
  • Lastly, and personally my fav (yet I’ve never done it…go figure), hula hoop. My roommate in college told me about this because she does it when she’s got to be on a call or a webinar. The whole time we were talking about it, I kept thinking how genius and hysterical she is. Just love her! She keeps a weighted hula hoop by her desk and picks it up when she needs a little action in her day. How fantastic and fun is that?! It’s like dancing in the middle of your work day, yet you’re working your heart and core. Double bonus.

Hope you guys find these useful…well, your trackers will anyway. Happy exercising!

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