Version 2

 Blaire and Allison are sisters who work in the man’s world of finance. While we love our job and love running our own practice, we miss the connection with other strong women. Additionally, we see a need for women to be more involved in securing their financial future, not only for themselves, but also for their families.

We are also rebelling against the traditional navy, black, and grey suits this industry seems to require. We strive to bring color into this world, one handbag (or necklace. or shirt. or shoe….) at a time.

Most of all, we are about empowering you.

want to know about us individually? read on.

Blaire has been in the financial industry for 10+ years. She loves helping individuals, families, and businesses meet their goals and the relationships that she’s developed with her clients. She’s weirdly obsessed with watching the stock market and reading up on current economic conditions.

She loves (in no specific order)…Jesus. nordstrom. wall street. the west (specifically Colorado). southern comfort food. spoiling my nephew. football. VCU basketball. half marathons. sarcasm. golfing in 75 degrees. girls nights.

Allison has been in the financial industry for 5+ years.  She loves making spreadsheets, organizing data, and developing our relationships with clients.  She enjoys planning for clients’ financial futures and coordinating customized plans  given their current phase in life.

She loves… my son and husband. dressing up my son and husband (my real-life baby dolls!). Big Bang Theory reruns. HGTV. working out and work out clothes. eating out (specifically Mexican, extra guacamole). lazy days at the river. snowboarding. living my life for Christ.