I’m extremely fortunate that I get to work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I can watch my kiddos.  I really do view my time with them as a blessing, but I have learned to appreciate what all goes into being a stay at home mom.  Hats off to you ladies who manage it; the struggle is real!  I’m only home two days and by the end of the day, I’m ready for bed by 8:00.  One of the challenges I face is keeping Sawyer occupied for longer stretches of time so I can get some work done.  There is a lot of organization that goes into working from home as well, but that’s for another post.  I also face major mom guilt that I can’t take hours to sit and play/develop skills with him.  Sawyer’s always been a little delayed with his motor skills, so I had to get creative when it came to fun yet “educational” activities.  Today I’m bringing you a few DIY home activities to hold your tot’s attention span longer than five minutes!  Here we go:

1.) Alphabet Golf

This is a fun and easy game to get set up.  Clear out some furniture in a room or even do it down a hallway.  Set up 8-10 letters that are your “targets”.  Have your child try to hit each letter.  When they hit it, review which letter of the alphabet he/she hit with the ball! (Don’t you love Harley’s face?!)

What you need: Alphabet letters (Foam is best!), golf ball, putter

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2.) Fishing Darts

I cheated on this game.  I actually bought this dart set HERE, but Sawyer LOVES this game, and it would be fairly easy to create a DIY version.  Why do I love it? The magnetic darts don’t put holes in my wall for one.  Second, it’s a way for Sawyer to work on some coordination while learning his numbers.  Each time he hits a fish, we talk about what number is on that particular fish.  If you want to do a DIY version, go purchase a large piece of felt to act as your dartboard.  Get creative with the board itself.  It doesn’t have to be fish, you can do sports, animals, whatever you want.  Glue some pieces of Velcro next to the numbers on the board.  For your “darts”, cut out two circles of felt fabric.  Sandwich a few pennies between the circles to act as weights for the dart, then glue or sew the circles together.  Finally glue Velcro to both sides of the circle (it’ll be easier for your toddler to toss and have it stick to the board).  Make a few of these to act as their darts.

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3.) The Laundry Sorter

This sounds dumb, but for whatever reason, whenever I do laundry, Sawyer comes peeking around the corner wanting to toss the clothes in the dryer for me.  It seems like lots of kids are amazed with washers and dryers, so I thought, why not capitalize on his interest?  All you need is a load of laundry.  Don’t ask them to fold your laundry (who knows what that would look like), but see if they can organize it for you however you’d like.  For example, have them match the socks, put Daddy’s boxers in a pile, lay t-shirts out flat, etc.  Kids love to feel like they’re helping you, so let them feel like they’re doing mommy a favor!

4.) Color Cornhole

Sawyer got bean bags as a gift from our neighbor that go through the ROY G BIV array of colors.  (Y’all remember that acronym?)  They make these as “learn your colors” bean bags, alphabet, numbers, etc.  I personally love the SHAPES beanbags offered here since shapes seem to be more of a challenge to remember for Sawyer.  You don’t need a cornhole board, just set up a small basket or even an empty trash can for your child to toss them into.  As they toss, make them recite the color (or shape, number, or letter).  These are also cheap DIY bags that could be easily made with cloth and beans!

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Written by Allison

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